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At the Council on Alcoholism and Addiction of the Finger Lakes, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We understand that the journey to wellness is unique for each individual, and we are committed to meeting you where you are, with empathy and respect. Our dedicated team of professionals brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges associated with addiction and mental health.

As a trusted resource in the Finger Lakes region, we offer a range of services and programs designed to empower individuals, strengthen families, and promote healthy communities. From prevention education and counseling to advocacy and support groups, our offerings are tailored to address the diverse needs of those we serve.

We also recognize the importance of working hand-in-hand with community partners, healthcare providers, schools, and local agencies to create a supportive environment that fosters positive change. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and create a culture of understanding and acceptance.

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Ontario County Office (Central Office)

Phone:  (315) 789-0310 

Fax:  (315) 789-0084

620 W. Washington Street, Geneva NY 14456


Schuyler County Office

Seneca County Office

Phone:  (315) 568-9869

Fax:  (315) 568-1890

111 Falls St. Seneca Falls NY 13148


Wayne County Office

Phone:  (315) 871-4006

Fax (315) 871-4009

12 William Street, Lyons NY 14489


Yates County Office

Phone:  (315) 536-2435

Fax:  (315) 536-0744

270 Lake Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527