Transformative Education Programs

We provideg the tools and support you need to guide your children toward a bright future.

At the Council on Alcoholism and Addiction of the Finger Lakes, we are catalysts for change, igniting hope and resilience through our innovative and impactful programs. Our multifaceted approach encompasses community education, environmental prevention, school-based initiatives, and counseling services, each thoughtfully designed to empower individuals, families, and communities. Explore our diverse programs and join us in our mission to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

Community Education

The Council runs a Community Education Program in all 5 Counties that we serve. This program focuses on community residence from pre-school age to the elderly. We provide education in jails, schools, churches, youth groups, probation, DSS and anywhere else we can obtain an audience. Within this program we provide Evidence Based Programs (EBPs) such as Life Skills, Too Good for Violence, Too Good for Drugs and Violence, SPORT, Guiding Good Choices, and Anger Management; as well as a host of other single session educational speaking events on ATOD and gambling problem behaviors. These single session events are tailored inhouse to meet the needs of the population being served. It is within the Community Education program that the Council also offers the ADPEP program, a six-hour court referred education program to first time offenders of the ABC laws for youth up to the age of 21. The five staff that run this program report to the Director of Programs for support, supervision and reporting.

Environmental Prevention

The Environmental Prevention program that the Council runs is also a 5 county program. This program is 100% EBP. Environmental Strategies include supporting coalition work in all 5 counties. Environmental Prevention focuses on changing community norms and policies surrounding ATOD and gambling issues. Within this program we work with coalitions to host community forums, work on school and legislative policies, work with media to reach as many people as possible in an effort to raise awareness and change community norms regarding the safety and dangers of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling. We have one staff member covering this work in all five counties that we serve, this staff reports to the Director of Programs for support, supervision, and reporting.

Ontario County School Based Education

The Ontario County School Based Education Program is in 8 of the 9 Ontario County Schools. Victor is the only school not served by Council staff under this program. Through the School Based Education Program, staff works directly in the schools to provide EBPs such as Life Skills, Too Good for Violence, Too Good for Drugs and Violence, and SPORT. These staff members also serve as supervision for youth based support groups within the schools and provide other ancillary services such as single session speaking events in the classroom and assisting the schools with special events such as Red Ribbon Week, Mock Crashes, and other school assemblies. The Council employs 5 staff for this program, 3 are full time, 2 of those split time between 2 schools, one works full time in one school, the other two staff are part time; one of the part time staff only covers one school, the other splits time between 2 schools. All staff under this program report to the Ontario County Education Coordinator and the Director of Programs for support, supervision, and reporting.

Yates & Schuyler Counties Youth Counseling Program

The Yates and Schuyler Counties Youth Counseling Program is a program that provides supportive services to youth in the school setting. These youths may not have counseling needs that qualify them to see the School Social Worker or School Psychologist; but instead need a trusted adult to talk to about problems in school and at home. These students are high risk students who may have a great deal of ATOD use in the home, have used themselves, or have other risk factors to indicate that they could use a little help getting through the school day without problems that hinder their academic progress. Some of these counseling sessions are in a group setting and many are one on one sessions. When it is appropriate, the Youth Counseling staff uses the EBP Teen Intervene, which is a 3 session brief intervention to set and achieve short term goals for the long term good of the student. The Counsel employs 5 Youth Counselors full time, two staff work in Watkins Glen School District, two staff work in Dundee School District, and one works in Penn Yan Elementary School. The Youth Counseling staff report to the Youth Counseling Supervisor and the Director of Programs for support, supervision, and reporting.

NYS Problem Gambling Prevention Media Literacy Program

In 2015, the Council continued with the problem gambling prevention initiative, especially by sponsoring the New York Council on Problem Gambling’s “YOU(th) Decide” Campaign, with special focus on (1) Presentations to Youth; (2) Youth Survey; (3) Media Literacy; and (4) Policy/Event Advocacy. This program is run by the five county Education Coordinators who report to the Director of Programs for support, supervision, and reporting. The Director of Programs reports all outcomes and budgets to the New York Council on Problem Gambling.

Wayne County Stop DWI Education Program

The Council is working closely with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department to provide the educational component of the Stop DWI Program. Through this program we offer educational initiatives including classroom presentations, assistance with the Wayne Victim’s Impact Panel, a safe summer family campaign, Newark Pilot’s Family Fun Night, offer TIPs Responsible Beverage Server training, safe boating campaign, etc. The staff working on this program is the Wayne County Education Coordinator, the Environmental Prevention Specialist, and the Director of Programs. The Director of Programs reports to the on programs and budget reports.